Building a Big Easel

Chris Muhl Artist Building A Wood and Plexiglass Easel

What the heck am I going to draw on?! This easel needs to be BIG!! After a quick bout of research on Google Images, I opted to build a large version of the classic table easel.

Using wood and metal fasteners, I built a sturdy, albeit cumbersome, easel.

For the drawing surface, I acquired a large Plexiglass Acrylic Sheet. This makes for a perfectly smooth surface. Although, I’ve discovered that, on hot days, the Acrylic expands, resulting in a slightly undulating surface. This is remedied with the addition of more screws around the perimeter of the Acrylic sheet. Alternatively, drilling holes ~2-3 times larger than the diameter of the screw, and using large washers, would keep the sheet fastened to the frame, while allowing it to expand without bowing.

Given the severity of plastic related pollution in our oceans and waterways,
I was hesitant to buy a large piece of Plexiglass. In my own life, I try to minimize plastic usage, opting for reusable and easily recycled options such as stainless steel, glass, fabric, and just about any alternative I can think of. However, Plexiglass has its advantages in this situation, and I will be using this easel for many years. Should any damage occur to the surface, I will reuse the Plexiglass in other applications around my home. If I ever need to dispose of it, I will seek out a facility capable of recycling it properly.

I chose a 50″ x 10 yd roll of Stonehenge 90 lb, acid-free, fine art paper. To get the paper on the easel, the roll is placed on a roll holder at the top, pulled down over the easel surface, and taped in place.

Watch the video to see how it came together. If you have questions or suggestions, please feel free to comment.

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