Big Easel Update

Hi everyone! I have had a few comments on the large easel that I created for the Drawings for Africa project. So, I thought I would provide an update highlighting some of the features. If you would like to see how the easel was built, please see my earlier post, Building a Big Easel!

As the first elephant drawing evolves, I have been adding new features to ease the drawing process and to enable better documenting of the journey.

I’ve added lights, a magnifying glass, and an adjustable camera mounting system.

If you are interested, check out the video! Perhaps it will provide you with ideas for your own projects.

If you have thoughts or suggestions, please feel free to comment.


4 Comments on “Big Easel Update

  1. wow! kitty might not have been too interested in these easel details but i found them quite ingenious. great to see the progress of both the drawing and the easel.


  2. Thanks! I didn’t realize getting into the project how important comfort would be, but after standing for weeks sketching out the tiny details in the texture of the skin, I found out that comfort is a big deal! So, it’s a big learning process, but it’s getting easier. I have a few more ideas as well. Thanks for commenting!


  3. Lois says…”i enjoyed looking at your easel and i consider it one of the most amazing things i’ve seen.”


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