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Chris Muhl Art The Pump Stool Banner

The Super Sexy Pump Stool

A few months ago, I started dreaming up an idea for a vintage-style art/drafting stool. The idea was to use mostly reclaimed material, and produce a stylish stool, designed for artists, and sturdy enough to last for generations…. Read More

Chris Muhl Art The Not So Sexy Art Chair

The Not So Sexy Art Chair

Prior to the Drawings for Africa project, I had never attempted to create big artwork. It seems that every week I encounter a challenge, or a small problem in need of a solution. After spending countless hours standing… Read More

Drawings for Africa: October Update

Hi everyone! Here’s an update for the Drawings for Africa project. Due to work, and other smaller tasks related to the project, the progress has been a little slower than expected, but I’m excited to say, it’s coming… Read More

Honoring the Victims

When will we collectively come to agree that something is seriously wrong with our society? What does it take for us to come together to stand up against the ills of our ideologies? I’m tired of seeing and… Read More