The Super Sexy Pump Stool

Chris Muhl Art The Pump Stool Banner

A few months ago, I started dreaming up an idea for a vintage-style art/drafting stool. The idea was to use mostly reclaimed material, and produce a stylish stool, designed for artists, and sturdy enough to last for generations.

Along the way, I created the Not So Sexy Art Chair, as part of my exploration into the utility of a chair designed specifically for artists. This unimpressive, quirky invention, has served its purpose very well, and helped to guide the development of a higher-quality solution.

The final product is the Pump Stool. It’s comprised of a vintage Singer sewing stool, an antique water pump handle (hence the name), a wooden backrest, a hand-forged beam brace, four steel links, and two springs.

If you would like to see how the project came together, check out the short video! Or you can read about the Pump Stool project on the Design page.

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