Happy holidays!

It’s been a while since I posted an update. Here’s the latest on my end.

The elephant drawing is coming along, but progress is slow. The detail that I want to achieve takes a long time to lay down. I’ve decided to mix in a series of smaller art projects along the way.

I plan on doing a number of small drawings and paintings to promote simple living. This artwork is a tribute to the people on our planet whom live more sustainable lives than we generally do here in the U.S.

The title of this project is, Rich Simplicity: An Illustrative Journey Among Sustainable Lifestyles.

The first drawing is of an Argentine gaucho named Moreira. The photograph was captured by Ezequiel Casares, an Argentine friend of mine, while on a trip to visit his family in Patagonia. Ezequiel is an incredible cinematographer, and one of the best photographers I’ve ever met. I am so lucky to have his permission to use his photograph for this artwork.

If you would like to learn more about this project, and why I feel the purpose of the artwork is important, please visit the project page for The World Until Yesterday.

Happy holidays! I hope everyone is well!

Here’s a quick peak at the artwork in progress.


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