The Biz Dev of Art

Hi everyone! I hope 2018 is treating you well.

I haven’t posted in a while, and that’s because I have been focused on less exciting business development tasks. However, I have made some interesting discoveries along the way!

Key biz dev highlights include integrating e-commerce functionality into my website, developing an executive summary and other company documents, creating company graphics, writing grant proposals, establishing relationships with frame makers and framers, ordering shipping supplies, and so on.

Making Stamps

If any of you have a business, it may interest you to learn about the process of making rubber stamps. I wanted to make a few stamps for company stationary. The process is very easy; simply create your design in Photoshop, Illustrator, Gimp, or any graphics editor, save it as a JPEG file, and upload it to a website that develops custom stamps from digital image/graphic files. I chose, because this company makes it extremely easy to produce custom rubber stamps from image/graphic files. The downside is, this company does not use recycled materials. Other companies make stamps from recycled materials, but are limited to producing stamps with only letters and numbers. I have yet to find one that uses recycled materials and allows for customization with graphics.

For you artists out there, archival ink pads can be purchased from Dick Blick Art Materials. Archival ink pads enable you to put your logo, or other graphics safely onto your artwork!

Shipping Tubes

Another biz dev topic I’ve had to address is shipping. I want to use shipping supplies that are created from recycled materials and provide the protection to ensure that my artwork makes it to its destination safely. I came across a company called Yazoo Mills. This company manufactures mailing tubes from 100% recycled materials. Additionally, their tubes are considerably thicker than general mailing tubes, providing far more protection. I have also opted for metal end-caps, as they are “tamper-proof” and can easily be recycled.

Storage Containers

Another subject to address is storing and organizing art and office supplies. Admittedly, when I “need” something, Walmart and Staples seem to come to mind. I live in a small town and sometimes I just have to go to Walmart to find what I need, or do I? Every time I go to Walmart, I find myself a little overwhelmed and sickened by the enormous volume of cheap, plastic crap that fills the shelves. Yet, somehow I still end up there. It’s as if I have been programmed by society to think that when I need something, it has to be new and cheap. Luckily, I have a guilty conscience that deactivates my subconscious thought process in times of emergency, and activates a conscious stream of logic. This invariably drives me out of Walmart in search of better solutions. I usually end up at local antique shops and thrift stores. The products that I find are, reclaimed/second-hand, made of wood and metal, fulfill the same functions as plastic items found in Walmart, and are often in the same generally price range. Additionally, they have history and are visually far more appealing.


I know some people don’t like the idea of buying second-hand items, but as the old quote goes, maybe “what we think is so, just isn’t so.” The products in today’s society are laden with extremely toxic chemicals. Some of these include BPA (a key component in polycarbonate – found in water bottles, baby bottles, plastic containers…), Phthalates (a key component in plastic – found in shower curtains, vinyl flooring, food packing…), PFOA (a key component in non-stick and water-repellent products – found in cookware, furniture, carpets…), formaldehyde (a key component in resins – found in pressed wood products, glues, fabrics…), and PBDEs (a key component in flame retardants – found in televisions, computers, furniture foam…).

My guess is, if you’re not buying the newest, non-toxic items, buying older second-hand products is probably a much safer option than purchasing cheap, Chinese-made junk heavily laden with chemicals.

To conclude…

If you have read through this, thanks! I hope my words provide value to the reader. I’ll keep you posted on more interesting biz dev events.

I hope you’re all well, and thanks for your support!

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