The Art Transport Apparatus

© 2019 Chris Muhl Art

With the artwork completed, the next challenge is transporting it safely into Portland to have it scanned to produce prints, and then to have it framed.

The artwork is about 50″ wide and 70″ tall and is delicate. I thought about attaching handles and wheels to the easel and leaving the artwork taped to it. However, the easel is too big, too heavy, and too awkward to maneuver.

The challenge was to create an apparatus that was sturdy, compact, and lightweight. I initially envisioned building something out of wood, but I was concerned about weight. I then drew up a design using PVC pipe. This would be lightweight, but I would it be rigid enough? Additionally, I don’t like using so much plastic if I can avoid it. I decided to go to Home Depot and look around and brainstorm.

Then I saw the 1/2″ copper pipe. Would 1/2″ copper pipe be strong enough? I looked back to my days sweating pipe with a landscaping company. I remembered sweated pipe being pretty sturdy.

Then I thought about oxidation. Humidity is on the dry side where I live, and the apparatus will be kept indoors. Oxidation should occur fairly slowly.

I quickly sketched out a design, bought the materials, and got to work. The final product should last for years, and will also serve as a means of storage, or a display board for finished artwork and prints.

The video below shows the process and final product.

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