After completing DFA No. 1, I set out to create a custom frame. In my mind, a frame is an extension of the artwork, enhancing the experience that I strive to present to the viewer.

I know that many artists struggle with the question of whether or not to frame their work, knowing that a buyer may prefer to choose their own frame. As a mixed media artist, I see the frame as another area for artistic exploration and expression.

DFA No. 1 is meant to reveal the extraordinary texture and beauty of an animal. In creating a frame, I wanted to expose the exquisite color and grain of wood. The aim is to create an experience in which the viewer can see the extraordinary nature of non-human life.

After several hours of researching wood colors and grains, and of developing frame mockups in Photoshop, I decided to use Oregon black walnut acquired from Goby Walnut in Portland, Oregon. The Company specializes in salvaging wood from dead and dying trees.

To build the frame, I chose to hire a carpenter. I went with Makers Woodworks, out of Vancouver, Washington. Their work is exceptional and I couldn’t be happier with the final product.

I have also used Adobe Illustrator, AutoCAD, and 3D printing technology to produce plaques made of a bronze-steel composition. These plaques detail the frame maker, the artist, the artwork title, date, location and so forth.

I strive to produce galvanizing works in which every detail is addressed at the highest level of quality. I hope that the audience and the buyer of DFA No. 1 can see the love and passion that went into this piece.

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