Mt. Hood Climbing Map

If you’ve ever been to Hood River, you’ve most likely seen the majestic peak of Mount Hood reaching up to the sky. Looking to the south from the Columbia River, this 11,244 foot volcano dominates the landscape. Every year, climbers come from all over the world to summit the mountain. As such, I thought it would be fun to do a simple climbing map depicting the main routes to the top.

This was more of a quick folding map exercise than the development of a complete trail/route/recreation map, but fun nonetheless.

Starting out, I was pleased to discover that the National Elevation Dataset provides 1/9 arc-second (~3-meter) digital elevation models for Mount Hood. This data provides for exceptional shaded relief quality, even at the scale of 1:10,000 that I used in this 36″x48″ map.

For the layout, I embraced elements of typical Swiss design, such as Helvetica fonts, red/white/black color, integration of shapes to direct flow, and so forth. Additionally, I strived to keep the design clean and crisp. Again, this was a quick exercise. So, there is definitely room for improvement.

Other data was obtained from various online sources. I also digitized 2018 NAIP imagery to map certain features, such as chairlift stations and cables/routes.

Thanks for reading!

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