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A Series for Sustainability

Rich Simplicity

Rich Simplicity is a series of depictions of modern-day people, from around the world, living simple, rewarding, and sustainable lifestyles. I aim to convey that there are few material things we truly need to live a wonderful life. For this series, 10% of each sale goes to charities promoting education and sustainable living.


A Series for Elephants

Drawings for Africa

Drawings for Africa is a series of graphite drawings of African wildlife. I strive to capture every detail, and to accentuate them, in an effort to capture, not only the beauty of the animals, but the grandeur of their existence. For the DFA series, 10% of each sale will go to a charity working to protect African wildlife.


A Little About Me

The Artist

I’m a mixed media artist working to raise awareness for pressing environmental issues. I advocate for the protection of wild places, and the preservation of ecosystem services. Artistically, I strive to produce artwork of aesthetic, social, and commercial value to contribute to and enhance the services of art in society.

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