Buyer’s Guide

Buyer’s Guide

Preserving Your Work

I strive to provide artwork that you and your family can appreciate from one generation to the next.

From the creation of the artwork, to framing and shipping, I use archival, acid-free materials to ensure the longevity of your investment.

The information found on this page should provide you with the knowledge you need to fully appreciate your purchase. For additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at Please allow me 24 hours to respond to your inquiry.

Original Artwork


All original artwork is created using archival, acid-free materials. Pastel and graphite works are coated with Lascaux Fine Art Archival Spray Fixative.

Archival Quality Printing

Printing Method

All of my prints are produced by a fine art giclée printer using Epson archival cold press cotton rag paper and Epson archival UltraChrome K3 ink. The giclée printing method is superior to digital C-prints or screen printing, producing exceptional color accuracy and detail.

Print Sizes

Listed print sizes refer to the size of the image, not the overall paper dimension. All prints have a minimum ¾ inch border around the edge to allow for matting and framing.

The ¾ inch border provides the buyer with framing and matting flexibility. My signature in the bottom border can be visible or hidden, depending on buyer preference, with a mat width (visible width) of 1″ or greater.


Proper framing enhances the visual appeal of the artwork, and preserves its value for future generations. Framing is recommended for the conservation of your work. Originals and prints are best displayed with an acid-free mat.

I generally do not offer framing services for prints.

Custom Framing

I do frame original work and unique prints to complete the visual presentation that I strive to achieve and to immediately protect the artwork. These pieces are sold framed. If you are purchasing a print and would like it framed in the same manner as the original work, I can arrange for a custom order. Please note that framing your print in the same way that I have framed the original artwork will significantly increase the purchase price. The cost of a custom frame, archival linen mat, UV-protective glass, acid-free foam core mounting board, frame back, frame backing paper, archival framing materials, framing labor, and shipping, starts around $400 for smaller works. Framing for larger works can exceed $2,000, as large mats, custom frames, and optional accents are expensive to produce, transport, and ship.

For framing questions, and custom orders, please contact me at

Framing Styles

For your convenience, I have created the following mockups to aid you in your framing process. Some customers prefer that their prints are framed in the same manner as the original artwork. In this case, the print border, including artist signature and print details, is hidden behind the mat. Other customers, galleries, and museums prefer that the artist’s signature and print details remain visible. All of my prints have a ¾ inch border for matting and framing in whichever method you prefer.

CMA_FramingExample_1inMat_SigHidden_3Frame A: 1″ Mat, Signature Hidden

CMA_FramingExample_1inMat_SigVisible_3Frame B: 1″ Mat, Signature Visible

CMA_FramingExample_2inMat_SigHidden_3Frame C: 2″ Mat, Signature Hidden

CMA_FramingExample_2inMat_SigVisible_3Frame D: 2″ Mat, Signature Visible

Unpacking your Print

Carefully slide the print out of the tube, but do not pull the print by the end. If you are having the work framed on your own, let the framer remove the work from the tube, as they are experienced in unpacking prints.

Archival Mats

Archival, acid-free mats and backings help preserve the life of your artwork. Acid-free materials have a neutral to basic pH (7 or slight greater). Materials that are not acid-free, may have an acidic pH, and can be a primary culprit in the deterioration of paper and fading of pigments. Archival mats protect your work by adding space in between the Plexiglass or glass front and the artwork, preventing contact and potential damage. Acid-free backing prevents dirt and dust from entering into the frame.

Certificate of Authenticity

All of my original works and prints are accompanied by a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity to maintain the integrity of your work. The authenticity card contains the series title (if applicable), the title of the work, the artwork edition (for prints), the artist’s signature and date of signing, information regarding the materials used to create the work, and the unique certificate number. The certificate of authenticity is provided in a custom envelope that I have created specifically for holding the certificate.

CMA Certificate of Authenticity

Caring for your art

Artwork Protection

The best protection for your prints is an archival frame. Keeping prints rolled can damage them over time. Ensure that all framing materials are acid-free to prevent deterioration over time. In many cases, Plexiglass is preferred to glass. Plexiglass fronts are durable and stronger than glass, and will not break and damage/destroy the artwork.


To clean your framed artwork, use a soft, cotton cloth and computer screen cleaner and wipe the front as needed. Make sure you use soft, cotton gloves when handling the print and ensure that hands are clean before touching the print directly.

Preservation Tips

Even if your artwork is archivally framed, placement will affect its longevity. Avoid hanging your artwork in places of extreme heat (e.g., on a fireplace mantle above the fireplace), moisture (e.g., near a shower or bathtub), or in areas exposed to smoke or dust (e.g., near a fireplace or beside a window that is often open). Try to avoid placing your artwork in direct sunlight. While UV-protective glass blocks out most ultraviolet light, over long periods of time, the small amount of UV light that does penetrate the glass will decrease the lifespan of the art. Proper artwork placement will preserve your artwork in the decades to come.

Exchanges and Returns

Original Artwork

I do not accept returns on original artwork. Repeated shipping and handling increase the risk of damage. I carefully pack and ship your artwork to ensure that it arrives to you safely.

Please note that I work hard to ensure that all images on my website are displayed accurately, however screen resolutions and brightness may reflect subtle variations from the final printed edition.


All of my prints are made to order, as such, orders are final sale and non-returnable. I guarantee the quality of my prints, so if your order was shipped with a defect, please contact me promptly at

Guidelines for Items Damaged During Shipping

Please note that damage during transit can occur, and this is out of my control. I am happy to work with you to immediately resolve any damage that has occured. However, damage in transit is rare.

Please adhere to the following guidelines to ensure a fair and adequate resolution.

All shipped artwork is insured for the total value of the work. If the shipping tube, box, or crate that your artwork is shipped in is damaged upon arrival, you must photograph or video-record the damage before unpacking your artwork. Photographs enable me to confirm the extent of the damage, and ensure that a valid claim can be filed with the shipping company. Photographs, videos, and descriptions strengthen the validity of the claim, and should ensure full reimbursement (claim payment) for the recorded value of the artwork. If your artwork is damaged upon arrival, please promptly email me at