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Exploring the Art of Science

In creating maps, I strive to achieve harmony between background, foreground, and layout elements. I see foundations (i.e., base layers or shaded reliefs) as artwork and seek to enhance their aesthetic appeal through exaggerations of height and/or color. I strive to produce foreground elements that are legible, yet blend into the background naturally or appropriately. I especially enjoy developing layouts. Often my maps are content rich, and I strive to maintain order through extreme attention to detail.

Glacier National Park 3D Glacier Recession Map

The glacier recession map depicts the effects of global warming in Glacier National Park. This is an ongoing project in which I am exploring the utility of 3D mapping. To learn more, please see my blog post Glacier National Park.

Sandy River Delta Reference Map

The Sandy River Delta reference map combines recreational information with a description of the site’s history, including the story of the area’s environmental degradation and present restoration achievements. To learn more, please see my blog post Sandy River Delta.

Hood River Recreation Map

The Hood River Recreation Map contains recreational sites, trails, and points of interest in the Hood River area. To learn more about this map, please see my blog post 3D Mapping.

Flying M Ranch Operations Map

The Flying M Ranch Operations Map was developed for a farming and ranching operation in California’s San Joaquin Valley. To learn more, please see my blog post, Exploring the Art of Science.

Map of the Grand Canyon

The map of the Grand Canyon is a general reference map. I developed it as a mapping experiment and learning exercise. To learn more, please see my blog posts, Mapping the Grand Canyon and Grand Canyon Update.

Mount Hood Climbing Map

The Mount Hood Climbing Map depicts the main climbing routes to the summit, along with route descriptions and local features. This is a map is constantly evolving. I use it to test different shaded relief effects and layouts. Consequently, label styles have not been completed.

To learn more, please see my blog post Mt. Hood Climbing Map.

Mount Whitney Trail Map

The Mount Whitney Trail Map depicts the two main routes to the summit. Emphasis was placed on layout elements in an attempt to develop a functional visual tool for route planning.

Ice-Mass Recession Map of the Columbia Glacier

© 2019 Chris Muhl Art

This map was developed from Landsat imagery and depicts reductions in ice-mass and snow cover over time. To learn more, please see my post Mapping Rice-Mass Recession.