Drawing For Change


A Business Model For Giving

It is one thing to create an object of beauty, it is another to create an object for good. When both outcomes are achieved together, the object is a synthesis of the mind and the heart. What form of art is more beautiful?

Your purchase enables me to put my art to work for the causes that I believe in. With every artwork sold, I give a percentage of the sale to charity. The percentage donated is specified on the artwork sales page.

Areas of Contribution

I believe in the following non-profit organizations, as they have distinguished themselves as leaders and innovators in their respective fields. These organizations serve a critical role in achieving a sustainable human existence, as they work to curb population growth (children’s education), promote sustainable farming practices, protect sustainable indigenous lifestyles, and promote healthy ecosystems (wildlife conservation).


Children’s Education

Overpopulation is the biggest challenge in developing a sustainable future. Research has shown that one of the most effective ways to slow population growth is to provide girls and boys with adequate education. Countries with higher enrollment rates tend to have far lower fertility rates.


Sustainable Farming

Sustainable agriculture is critical for ensuring food resources for current and future generations. Sustainable agriculture means developing and maintaining healthy soils, managing water conscientiously, minimizing air and water pollution, and promoting biodiversity.


Indigenous Rights

Indigenous groups can serve as role models for a sustainable future. In many cases, indigenous peoples have existed sustainable for millennia. Indigenous lifestyles cannot be viewed as “outdated” in a world suffering from the shortsightedness and complexities of modernization.


Wildlife Conservation

Many scientists believe that we are currently undergoing the sixth mass extinction. Human are believed to be the cause. Our planet’s invaluable ecosystem services function only when the biotic and abiotic components within them are preserved.

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