Geospatial Science

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Geospatial Science


Guided by my traditional education in the art of cartography, I explore unique ways to deliver information to audiences.

Cartographic training explores many of the elements of fine art, including line, light and value, color, texture, shape and volume, time, balance, proportion and scale, space, and perspective. The art also requires an understanding of symbolism and typography.

Cartography is distinguished from other art forms in that it requires a broad understanding of data acquisition, processing, and presentation techniques. Effectively gathering and conveying information requires knowledge of geographic information systems (GIS), remote sensing, mobile mapping, web mapping, web development, graphic design, and photography.

Evolution Valley Trail Map

Using ArcGIS Pro to explore a new spin on the USGS topographic map.

CMA Evolution Valley Trail Map

Bryce Canyon Park Map

An exploration of color and texture with ArcMap and Photoshop.

Bryce Canyon Map

Sam’s Mesa

Experimenting with layouts.

Sams Mesa

White Mountain Peak

Exploring contour density.

White Mountain Peak