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Happy holidays! It’s been a while since I posted an update. Here’s the latest on my end. The elephant drawing is coming along, but progress is slow. The detail that I want to achieve takes a long time… Read More

Chris Muhl Art The Pump Stool Banner

The Super Sexy Pump Stool

A few months ago, I started dreaming up an idea for a vintage-style art/drafting stool. The idea was to use mostly reclaimed material, and produce a stylish stool, designed for artists, and sturdy enough to last for generations…. Read More

Drawings for Africa: October Update

Hi everyone! Here’s an update for the Drawings for Africa project. Due to work, and other smaller tasks related to the project, the progress has been a little slower than expected, but I’m excited to say, it’s coming… Read More

Big Easel Update

Hi everyone! I have had a few comments on the large easel that I created for the Drawings for Africa project. So, I thought I would provide an update highlighting some of the features. If you would like… Read More

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Chris Muhl Artist Building A Wood and Plexiglass Easel

Building a Big Easel

What the heck am I going to draw on?! This easel needs to be BIG!! After a quick bout of research on Google Images, I opted to build a large version of the classic table easel. Using wood… Read More

Chris Muhl Artist Starvation Creek

An Artist’s Journey: The Project Begins

I’ve never liked applying titles to myself, such as chef, carpenter, runner, sailor, or musician. I guess this is because I’m not very good at any of these things, thus, I don’t feel worthy of the title. If… Read More